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“Shades of Grey” - Jasper Fforde

This was so so so goood. Legit.


One of the coolest book covers ever: Jasper Fforde - The Big Over Easy

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The World’s Most Expensive Books

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and perhaps that explains why the world’s most famous paintings sell for hundreds of millions of dollars more than the most expensive books. But even so, nothing can capture the insight into the author’s mind like carefully woven words penned in the master’s own hand, and when that master is Leonardo da Vinci – thirty million dollars is a bargain.

1. The Codex Leicester – Leonardo da Vinci. $30.8M (1994).
2. The Gospels of Henry the Lion – $12.4M (1983)
3. The Birds of America – $8.8M (2000)
4. The Canterbury Tales - $7M (1998)
5. The Gutenberg Bible – $5.4M (1987)
6. Traité des Arbres Fruitiers - $4.5M (2006)
7. The Northumberland Bestiary – $5.4M (1987)
8. First Folio: Comedies, Histories and Tragedies – $5.5M (2006)
9. Cosmography – $4.2M (2006)
10. Mozart’s 9 Symphonies Manuscript -  $4.1M (1990)

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