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community easter eggs: #1 Beetlejuice , Beetlejuice , Beetlejuice

In the first few seconds of Communication Studies (S01E16), Professor Slater, during a conversation with Jeff, mocks on Britta’s name, saying Beetlejuice. In Cooperative Calligraphy (S02E08), when Troy asks Jeff what’s his underwear made of, he answers that they’re an “organic soy-cotton blend” and Britta quickly quips, saying that he usually wears “stripey turquoise Beetlejuice numbers” underwear. On the 1988 movie, if you say Beetlejuice three times, the ghost manifests. During season 3 production, Megan Ganz noticed that the word had been said on the show 2 times and warned Dan Harmon about it, which led them to add the word once more in Horror Fiction In Seven Spooky Steps (S03E05). Once Annie says the word, you can see a guy dressed as Beetlejuice walking in the background.

guys, you don’t get it, this is televison

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For two seasons we wanted to do an episode where Jeff Winger pretended there was a class called ‘Nicolas Cage Appreciation,’ and then the Dean caught them and as punishment to them he was going to make that a real class and force them to watch all the Nicolas Cage movies in one night. The thing about Nicolas Cage movies is… unless you’re a total cynical dick, you have to embrace the fact that Nicolas Cage is a pretty good actor. He’s done a lot of weird, dumb movies, but that was supposed to be the point of the episode — that Nicolas Cage is a metaphor for God, or for society, or for the self, or something. It’s like — what is Nicolas Cage? What is he? Is he an idiot? Or a genius? Can you write him off, or is he inexplicably bound to your soul?


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do you ever feel yourself being annoying or antisocial but you just cant stop


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Community Meme | Three Scenes [3/3] → Opening of Season 3

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“Loni Love has this bit about pilot season for black people or people of color not start[ing] until the end of March,” Brown recalled. “That’s when they have cast every other, main, character, and they look at their cast and go ‘Oh no. It’s all white. We need a black guy or something.’ And that’s when the auditions for the “all ethnicities” role of the security guard or meter maid go out, and you’ll see one little spec of color in the show.”
- Yvette Nicole Brown on breaking through industry stereotypes with Community 

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Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Cancer. Oh good, come in. I thought it was Britta.

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