Every time I read about the US college system I feel so bad for all of you… where I live (Argentina) education is free in all levels. How much money do you think I’ve spent on college in the last three months?

I’ll tell how much: 20 pesos. Or, in other words, less than 4 dollars. If you include transportation costs (I take the bus almost every day, usually twice) the amount ascends to 30-35 dollars per month. 

And guess what? I got a student grant which means I’m able to SAVE money. I’m living the dream.

Yeah, the American school system seems depressing.

In Denmark we actually get a salary from the government, when we are over 18 and getting an education. It’s not a huge sum of money (about 5000 DKK or 925 USD a month for someone not living at home and/or over the age of 21), but it’s enough to get by, without having to have a job on the side.

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