She didn’t mean James Potter.

She meant Severus Snape.

(first quote: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter Two: A Peck of Owls; second quote: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Chapter Thirty-Three: The Prince’s Tale)

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never forget that for voldemort’s name to rearrange to “je suis voldemort” in the french translations, they had to make his middle name ‘Elvis’



are you telling me the french word for wand is ‘la baguette magique’


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"What’s false conciousness?" asked Ron curiously. I knew he would be more open to communist ideas because he was part of the proletariat, whereas Hermione was part of the bourgeois intelligentsia.

"False conciousness is when people think communism is bad, " I explained. "Since communism is good, it means they’re obviously insane."

"Harry, are you a communist?" asked Hermione in a quiet voice. I could tell she was scared, probably of losing her private property.

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The Boy Who Lived and James and Lily

“The very first time I saw you Harry, I recognised you immediately. Not by your scar, by your eyes. They’re your mother Lily’s. Oh yes, I knew her. Your mother was there for me at a time when no one else was. Not only was she a singularly gifted witch, she was also an uncommonly kind woman. She had a way of seeing the beauty in others, even, and perhaps most especially, when that person couldn’t see it in themselves. Your father, James, however, had a certain, shall we say, talent for trouble. A talent, rumour has it, he passed onto you. You’re more like them than you know, Harry. In time you’ll come to see just how much.”

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"Well we overheard Mum and Dad talking on the Extentable Ears a few weeks back," Fred told Harry, "and from what they were saying, Dumbledore was having real trouble finding anyone to do the job this year

“Not surprising, is it, when you look at what’s happened to the last four [Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor] ?” said George.

"One sacked, one dead, one’s memory removed and one locked in a trunk for nine months," said Harry, counting them off on his fingers. “Yeah, I see what you mean.”

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Dracorex Hogswartsis: The Dragon King of Hogwarts

3.6 metres long, covered in spikes, with a long snout and a horned, demonic-looking skull… If you’re looking for a real dragon, the Dracorex Hogswartsis is about as close as you’re going to get. In 2004, a partial skull and four cervical vertebrae were discovered in South Dakota’s Hell Creek formation, and it was immediately recognised as a new addition to the paleontological record. It’s thought to belong to the plant-eating dome-headed Pachycephalosaur family, and yet the specimen is flat-headed. Classification is difficult because many Pachycephalosaurs only develop their head features as they mature, and so this might just be a juvenile, but it could also suggest that the dinosaur family tree was still evolving even towards the end of their era—the Dracorex hogwartsia roamed North America in the Late Cretaceous Period, 100–65 million years ago. The specimen was donated to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, where it was named Dracorex hogwartsia, meaning ‘Dragon King of Hogwarts’. “Dinosaurs are wonderful for getting kids to explore with their minds…and that’s where Ms. Rowling excels too,” says Dr. Bakker, curator of the Houston Museum of Natural Science. “Her books invite the reader to probe mysteries, solve riddles and learn the craft of fighting ignorance and evil.” In response, J.K. Rowling stated: “I am absolutely thrilled to think that Hogwarts has made a small claw mark upon the fascinating world of dinosaurs…I can’t help visualizing [the Dracorex] as a slightly less pyromaniac Hungarian Horntail.”

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All seven Harry Potter books redesigned as gifs. (via Jecamartinez.com)

  • Ollivander: Oh you need a wand? Try this one.
  • *shit explodes*
  • Ollivander: Shit
  • Ollivander: I don't fuckin know
  • Ollivander: Here try this it kinda killed your parents
  • Ollivander: Perf

Marauders Era dream cast

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The child actors in Harry Potter would do their actual schoolwork in the movie to make the school setting more real


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remus lupins name is like “werewolf mcwerewolf” and his boggart is a moon and he misses classes on the full fucking moon. everyone except hermione is a DINGDONG

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J.K. ROWLING ‘The fringe benefits of failure’

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