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I cannot get over Achilles’ face in this painting. Holy shit.

 He’s totally like: “Oh god, mom, put a fucking shirt on, I mean, what are you even doing? Can’t you see I’m busy lamenting the death of my boyfriend? Like I really need to see your tits at a time like this— YOU’RE SO EMBARRASSING MOM GAWD.”

And the rest of the Greeks are jazz-handsing in the background. They’re all ‘WOAH LOOK AT THAT TOTALLY WICKED SET OF TITS— I MEAN ARMOUR. WOAH’

no mom

mom no


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Golden Globe Awards (2012)

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Nathan Fillion circa 1995


Flight of the Conchords - Carol Brown

Who organized all of my ex-girlfriends into a choir and got them to sing?

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Mr Button by John Caswell Design - adds a little character to an object that often goes unnoticed

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