THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting September 3, JEREMIAH will begin its online serialization at

JEREMIAH is an ink and watercolor graphic novel spanning 160 pages. It’s about a sixteen-year-old farm kid who starts to experience doubt for the first time in his life.

New pages will arrive on on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I’ll be posting all three pages to the Cathyboy Tumblr on Sundays, and I’ll reblog them onto (so if you follow me here, don’t bother with the official Tumblr. I got you.)

This has been a long time coming— years, really. I’m excited to finally, finally start sharing this story with you.

September 3rd!


book plate design

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The internet has killed my ability to feel nostalgia for any shared culture. Everything I ever experienced growing up is now memorialized in GIF tribute (if not turned into a feature film). I remember the joy that would flash across my dad’s face when he’d see a childhood toy at an antique store. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to have such a moment.

It’s cool though, lol. *SCROLL SCROLL SCROLL* I’ll write about my disconcerting lack of FEELINGS for Thought Catalog.



Hark! A Vagrant vs. Pictures for Sad Children

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